2018 Book Bundles

We are so excited about the Book Bundles we've created for 2018. You loved our bundles last year, and your readers will love these, too. Click on each link to learn more about each one. All bundles are customizable; just e-mail us and we'll swap or recommend substitutions. We want your readers to be happy!

We can gift-bag these for you and have them ready for gift-giving. 

All bundles are in stock and available at our Holiday Bookstore at Roosevelt & Company. Or e-mail us here to order directly if you prefer not to place an order through the website. The Snail is all about personal service.


History Book Bundle



Historical Fiction Bundle



Favorite Fiction Book Bundle


Cozy Reading Book Bundle



Suspense Book Bundle


Fantasy Book Bundle


Young Adult Book Bundle


Young Teen Book Bundle


Elementary Reader Book Bundle


Picture Book Bundle


  Christmas Picture Book Bundle