The Romeo Club: Restless Old Men Eating Out (Paperback)

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The sleepy hamlet of Inlet Cove in Westchester, New York, is about to have some excitement. After his attempted rubout and subsequent arrest, Tim Collins must reveal his secret. He's been living a double life. His best friends know him as a good humored and successful businessman.

But other acquaintances know him as a degenerate gambler. He's been able to keep the two worlds apart. But after betting wrong on Superbowl LII, those two worlds collide. Restaurant owner Johnny Paradise had named the group the ROMEO Club, an acronym for Restless Old Men Eating Out. His friends are convinced this was a misunderstanding, but a broken Tim Collins reveals his double life, his addiction, and his options. They aren't good. The feds want him to testify against mafia don Sam Napoli, and members of other gangs. It's a death sentence. Tim laments his crimes and wishes he were dead. That's the only way out.

His lunch companions include Frankie Grace, a local undertaker and Dr. Claudio Odelli. Together and with the help of Frankie's connections from his old neighborhood in Little Italy, they might be able to grant Tim's wish.

Around a table at Paradise's Italian Restaurant, a scheme is hatched to save Tim Collins by convincing everyone that he has gone to the pearly gates (or even a different direction). The relentless agent Reno Amore may have something to say about that. I invite you to Johnny Paradise's Italian Restaurant. Become a member of the Romeo Club. Be careful of the hot peppers.

Welcome to Paradise

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ISBN: 9780578644660
ISBN-10: 0578644665
Publisher: Vincent Graziano
Publication Date: October 30th, 2020
Pages: 252
Language: English