Conversations on Love: Lovers, Strangers, Parents, Friends, Endings, Beginnings (Hardcover)

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Everyone could benefit from reading Conversations on Love. It truly has the ability to make you reflect, evaluate and gain a new appreciation for each of your relationships. This is a beautiful look at all forms and stages of love – finding love through partnerships, friendships, family, and parenthood, while also looking at how we can redefine romance, and even discusses the ugly parts of love like loneliness and grief when we lose those who we loved deeply. The biggest lesson I personally took was to pay attention and be present in the small, mundane parts of love because they end up being the things that matter the most in the end. Natasha Lunn is a journalist who uses her own experiences and incorporates the experiences of other authors and well-known people to help us answer and understand the difficult questions like How do we find love? How do we make it last? How do we grieve and learn to live again after we lose those we have loved? This is a book you can pick up whenever you feel you need some advice and insight from people who have already lived and experienced the information you are seeking. You can turn to any page, at any time, and find a gem of a sentence or passage that will resonate. It will make you feel seen and heard and felt like therapy in book form. I highly recommend it!
—Abby Lindemann, Snail Readers Circle

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An investigation of love in all its forms, featuring conversations with Lisa Taddeo, Esther Perel, Emily Nagoski, Kate Bowler, Alain de Botton, Stephen Grosz, Roxane Gay and others

Journalist Natasha Lunn was almost 30 when she realized that there was no map for understanding love. While she was used to watching friends fall in and out of love, the older she got the more she had to acknowledge: her friends' relationship struggles could no longer be chalked up to youth, and the more she learned about her parents, grandparents, work colleagues, and mentors the clearer it became that age had not brought any of them any closer to understanding this elusive, transformative, consuming emotion. One night during the months she found this realization settling over her, she sat up in bed and jotted three words in a notebook: conversations on love. In that moment, Lunn understood that she didn't want advice about love, she wasn't looking for the answers, or evergreen wisdom but she craved candid, wide-ranging, sometimes uncomfortable conversations about the parts of love that often don't make it into our everyday discussions of marriage, sibling relationships, friendships, or mother/daughter bonds. Conversations on Love started as an experiment aimed at interviewing experts about what love meant to them, in all of it's messiness, and quickly blossomed into a newsletter that attracted thousands of subscribers and a prestigious range of interviewees. It turns out that Lunn wasn't the only person ready to talk more openly and expansively about love. 
Interweaving personal essays and revealing interviews with some of the most sough-after experts on love, journalist Natasha Lunn guides us through the paradoxical heart of three key questions about love--How do we find love? How do we sustain it? And how do we survive when we lose it?--to deliver a book that is a solace, a beacon, a call to arms, a tool-kit. The real-life love stories in these pages will leave you hopeful and validated, while the insights from experts will transform the way you think about your relationships. Above all, Conversations on Love will remind you what love is: fragile, sturdy, mundane, beautiful, always worth fighting for.

About the Author

Natasha Lunn is the features director at RED magazine and the creator of a popular and acclaimed bimonthly email newsletter, Conversations on Love. She lives in London.

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ISBN: 9780593296585
ISBN-10: 0593296583
Publisher: Viking
Publication Date: April 19th, 2022
Pages: 320
Language: English