Breaking Time (Hardcover)

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When Klara accidentally hits a mysterious scotsman with her car, she has no idea the true intensity of the situation. Callum has stepped out of the 1500s, to protect Klara, the last Pillar of Time, at all costs. An evil force is murdering the Pillars, greedy for the powers of the gods, and Klara and Callum are the only thing in his way. This was an amazing story that sucked me in from the beginning. Alsberg uses amazing imagery that truly puts the beauty of Scotland in your mind. She also writes character development extremely well. She does an amazing job building Callum’s acclimation to the modern world at the right pace, without making it cringey or a joke. Klara’s character is also written amazingly well. She had great development through the story, and you can truly see her healing from and strengthen bonds she left unattended because of her mothers death. Klara, despite having a man fated to protect her, is also allowed to be strong and fiercely independent. Throughout her relationship with Callum, she grows stronger, not weaker and submissive, like some YA main character’s in a protected/protector situation. Overall this was an amazing story that got me out of a little bit of a reading slump!
—Scarlett, Junior Readers Circle, age 15

A Forgery of Roses by Jessica S. Olsen was a captivating story that drew me in from the first chapter. The characters and relationships in this story were amazing. Myra, the main character was a strong, unique, and magical lead. I also especially loved Myra’s worth sister, Lucy, and August, the governor’s son, who was sweet, intelligent, and a beautiful character. As an older sister myself, I related to Myra’s protective nature to her younger sister, and appreciated the realistic sisterly relationship and banter. The magic of this world was new and extremely excited. Prodigies like Mrya were intriguing and left me wishing I had some sort of artistic ability. The magic and mystery were written together in a really amazing way. I really loved this story and all of its twists and turns. It was impossible for me to put down
—Scarlett, Junior Readers Circle, age 14

— From Junior Readers Circle Recommendations


"Perfect for fans of Outlander... A lush story of star crossed lovers and time traveling assassins." --Laura Sebastian, New York Times bestselling author of Ash Princess

Fate brought them together. Time will tear them apart.

When a mysterious Scotsman suddenly appears in the middle of the road, Klara thinks the biggest problem is whether she hit him with her car. But, as impossible as it sounds, Callum has stepped out of another time, and it's just the beginning of a deadly adventure.

Klara will soon learn that she is the last Pillar of Time--an anchor point in the timeline of the world and a hiding place for a rogue goddess's magic. Callum believes he's fated to protect her at all costs after being unable to protect the previous Pillar, his best friend, Thomas. A dark force is hunting the Pillars to claim the power of the goddess--and Klara and Callum are the only two people standing in the way. Thrown together by fate, the two have to learn to trust each other and work together...but they'll need to protect their hearts from one another if they're going to survive.

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ISBN: 9781335284891
ISBN-10: 1335284893
Publisher: Inkyard Press
Publication Date: June 14th, 2022
Pages: 352
Language: English