The Divorce (Compact Disc)

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A decades-long, seemingly rock-solid marriage suddenly falls apart during one hot Stockholm summer in this addictive domestic drama that marks the American debut of #1 Swedish bestselling author Moa Herngren.

There are two sides to every story ...

Bea couldn't be more excited to trade the stifling Stockholm summer heat for vacation on Gotland Island. She's looking forward to spending quality time with her beloved husband of thirty-two years, Niklas, and their two moody teenage daughters, and recuperating from the stress of daily life in the company of her beloved in-laws. One night shortly before their departure, Bea and Niklas have a seemingly mundane argument over a trivial issue, and Niklas goes out with a friend to blow off steam. As the hours pass, Niklas doesn't come home, and Bea's irritation soon gives way to panic as she imagines what kind of disaster might have happened to delay his return.

What she soon learns will change her life forever: while her husband is fine, their marriage is not. Her kind, gentle pediatrician husband wants to leave her. But while this might seem like sudden insanity to Bea, for Niklas, it's anything but...

Written with the warmth and empathy that have made her insightful, page-turning family novels bestsellers in her native Sweden, Moa Herngren raises thoughtful questions about why relationships fall apart: Is the person who leaves always the bad guy? What emerges once you begin scratching the surface of what seems like a clear-cut situation? Told from dual perspectives, The Divorce is a gripping domestic drama that deftly explores the complexities of modern marriage.

Translated from the Swedish by Alice Menzies

Product Details
ISBN: 9798874621896
Publisher: HarperCollins
Publication Date: August 6th, 2024
Language: English