Elementary Reader Book Bundle

The Elementary Reader Book Bundle is for readers from elementary to middle school, ranging in age from about 7 to 13. Both boys and girls will enjoy these wonderful stories featuring friends, magical creatures, and kids with big ideas. The bundle contains the three books below. (But The Snail loves to customize bundles, so e-mail us here to request a swap or different recommendation.)

The Friendship War (hardcover)
Stickers, Silly Bandz, Rainbow Looms, fidget spinners . . . buttons?! This brand-new school book by bestselling author Andrew Clements is a deliciously entertaining and deeply satisfying story that will resonate with anyone who's ever been in a classroom . . . or been a kid. A fad is a tough thing to kill, but then again, so is a friendship.

The Unicorn in the Barn (paperback)
Called an "enchanting, compassionate tale" by Booklist, this illustrated fantasy is about a boy and the unicorn that changes his worldview. When Eric discovers the unicorn is hurt and being taken care of by the vet next door and her daughter, Allegra, his life is transformed. He's thrust into a world of magical creatures just as his world at home starts to crumble. The Unicorn in the Barn shows us that sometimes ordinary life can take extraordinary turns.

Payback on Poplar Lane (paperback)
ABC's Shark Tank meets The Terrible Two when a pair of sixth grade entrepreneurs compete to become top mogul on their block. Payback on Poplar Lane is a pitch-perfect comedy, destined to become a classic for young readers.