Elementary Reader Bundle

The Elementary Reader Bundle is aimed at readers in elementary school, ranging in age from about 7 to 13. Both boys and girls will enjoy these wonderful stories featuring animals, adventurers, and a brother-sister detective duo. The bundle contains the three books below. (But The Snail loves to customize bundles, so e-mail us here to request a swap or different recommendation.)

Guardians of the Gryphon's Claw (hardcover)
In this epic new adventure series, Sam London is recruited by the Department of Mythical Wildlife and sent on a covert mission when the secret that legendary animals are real is in danger of being exposed. A mystery and adventure series set in U.S. national parks.

Endling: The Last (hardcover)
In this first book of an epic series, Katherine Applegate takes us on an unforgettable journey featuring Byx, the youngest member of a mythical doglike species. This will have particular appeal to fans of the Warriors cat series.

The Real McCoys (paperback)
This is the first book in an illustrated series in which a precocious detective solves mysteries with her super-smart little brother. For both boy and girl readers, The Real McCoys delivers clever storytelling, laugh-out-loud humor, and heartwarming insight. (The second book is the series is already out in hardcover.)