Fascinating & Famous Women Bundle


Whether you're familiar with all of these fascinating and famous women or not, you'll be enthralled by their stories. The bundle contains the three books below.

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She Come By It Natural: Dolly Parton and the Women Who Lived Her Songs (hardcover) 
"She Come By It Natural is a praise song for the cultural icon, but what emerges from an examination of Parton's life and work is just how much relevance her lyrics have had — for Smarsh and for other women — and why so much of the book is so deeply personal. . . . The fruit of that devotion is a tribute to the woman who continues to demonstrate that feminism comes in coats of many colors." —Los Angeles Times

Becoming Duchess Goldblatt (hardcover)
This memoir is two stories: that of the reclusive real-life writer who created a fictional character out of loneliness and thin air, and that of the magical Duchess Goldblatt herself, a bright light in the darkness of social media. Fans around the world are drawn to Her Grace’s voice, her wit, her life-affirming love for all humanity, and the fun and friendship of the community that’s sprung up around her. Tens of thousands of fans follow her on Twitter, including legendary mysican Lyle Lovett, who features in this book.

Southern Lady Code (paperback) 
“It’s hard to adequately describe these delightful autobiographical essays. Maybe that’s because Alabama-born Ellis’s take on Southern manners and mores is a unique blend of sardonic and sincere. More likely because it’s difficult to formulate sentences when you’re laughing this hard.” –People