History Lovers Book Bundle

The History Lovers Book Bundle is one The Snail's bestselling bundles, with selections for people who love to learn and read about the past. Combining historical fiction and nonfiction with compelling stories that inform and entertain, these books take you from early America to Nazi Germany and introduce you to famous inventors and unsung heroes.

You’ve read countless accounts of WW II, yet Sons and Soldiers depicts a story you don’t know but should. Several thousand Jewish boys came to America to escape Nazi Germany and then returned as men and U.S. Army soldiers; this book follows six of the so-called Ritchie Boys. The two novels, The Last Days of Night and News of the World, aren’t far apart in time—one set in 1870 and the other in 1888—but the American landscapes they depict seem worlds apart. News of the World tracks the aging itinerant Captain Kidd as he travels through post–Civil War Texas to bring a girl home after four years’ captivity with the Kiowa Indians. The Last Days of Night, a legal thriller, illuminates the intersecting paths of Edison, Westinghouse, and Tesla in their battle for power and the future of electricity in Gilded Age New York.

Titles include:

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