Men's Book Bundle 2021



Give him the Men's Book Bundle, featuring fiction and nonfiction he's bound to enjoy (and the rest of the family will, too!). The bundle contains the three books below.

(The Snail is glad to customize bundles, so e-mail us HERE to request a swap.)

The Lincoln Highway (hardcover)
Fabulous storytelling, impeccable style, interesting and relatable characters, humor, mystery, and a tremendous understanding of humanity and its foibles. This is a road trip not to be missed!

The Plot (hardcover)
A staggeringly good literary (but aimed at everyone) thriller about a staggeringly good literary thriller written by a failed novelist who has stolen the book's plot from a deceased student. It's a clever, crafty page-turner.

Blacktop Wasteland (paperback) 
Like Ocean’s Eleven meets Drive, with a Southern noir twist, S. A. Cosby’s Blacktop Wasteland is a searing, operatic story of a man pushed to his limits by poverty, race, and his own former life of crime.