Middle Grade Book Bundle 2021

Build your own bundle for middle-grade readers! Young readers are all different, so we're offering a menu of options. You choose the books that best fit their interest and level. Click on each book cover to learn more. Scroll to the bottom to add the bundle to your cart. Bundles start with 3 books and go all the way up to 7, depending on how many you'd like.

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What is "middle-grade"? These books are usually aimed at tweens, in between elementary and high school—but they can be for anyone age 8 to 18. It all depends on your reader. (Note that some of the books in our Young Adult Bundle and Elementary Bundle work well for tweens, too, so browse those options.)


The Barefoot Dreams of Petra Luna —Readers will be drawn into the Mexican Revolution as they follow Petra and her family through a world of Federales and revolucionarias. An engaging, action-packed, and mighty fine story of hope, courage, and the importance of dreams.

Tiger Skin Rug: A Magical Journey — Two homesick Indian boys and their new Scottish friend join a magical tiger on a journey across continents. "Elegant and enchanting. This grand, sweeping adventure takes the reader far and wide but, ultimately, is all about finding home." —Anna Humphrey

A Place to Hang the Moon Three orphaned children, determined to stay together, are sent out of London to the safety of the country during the Blitz. All is not happy, but the library is a refuge. Love for reading and for family combine to make this a satisfying story with a classic feel. It stands right up with the Penderwicks and the Vanderbeekers, and is perfect for middle-grade readers.

Arch of Bone — Continuing the story from where Moby Dick left off, this adventure hearkens to timeless coming-of-age tales, this one the journey of a boy names Josiah in Nantucket who yearns to be at sea like his father. 

The Beatryce Prophecy — "Melding the language of prophecies with that of fairy tales and whispered dreams, Newbery Medal winner Kate DiCamillo’s latest novel for young readers is both strong and sweet. . . a gentle and wondrous tale that celebrates knowledge, kindness, and the boundless power of the imagination. . . . Delicate illustrations and rich fairy tales run throughout the book, which stirs hope and joy at every turn." —Foreword Reviews 

DaVinci's Cat — Two unlikely friends—Federico, in 16th-century Rome, and Bee, in present-day New Jersey—are linked through an amiable cat, Leonardo Da Vinci’s mysterious wardrobe, and an eerily perfect sketch of Bee. Newbery Honor author Catherine Gilbert Murdock’s Da Vinci’s Cat is a thrilling, time-slip fantasy about rewriting history to save the present.

Treasure in the Lake — 
When friends Iris and Sam stumble upon an unusually dry river on the outskirts of the tiny town of Budgen, they’re led to a discovery beyond anything Iris has ever read about: a hidden city and a forgotten tale of friendship. This is a graphic novel with beautiful illustrations and a riveting adventure story.