Mother's Day Book Bundle

The Mother's Day Book Bundle features three very different novels about very different aspects of motherhood. These are great reads whether you're a mom or not! 

In Young Jane Young, a teenage girl makes a huge Monica Lewinsky–style mistake that alters the course of her life and changes her relationship with her mother. But the real story happens when the girl grows up, adopts a new identity, and becomes a mother herself. With Fierce Kingdom, Alabama author Gin Phillips gives us a heart-stopping thriller about a mother and her young son whose visit to the zoo takes a tragic turn. (You need to turn the pages for yourself to see exactly what happens.) And in Last Ride to Graceland, a young woman loses her mother but then learns so much about her when she finds a car in their garage that happened to have belonged to Elvis—yes, the Elvis—an important person in her mother's younger life. It's a road-trip novel that's about fun and feelings at the same time.

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Young Jane Young (paperback)

Last Ride to Graceland (paperback)

Fierce Kingdom (hardcover)