Gratitude Sidekick Journal


A journal to help you make gratitude a core part of your day-to-day life. Build a lasting habit in 66 days.


  • The Gratitude Sidekick Journal is a research-based journal that will help make an attitude of appreciation a core part of who you are
  • Reflect on a new gratitude theme daily
  • Be WAY more supportive of yourself mentally
  • Hone a perspective of practical optimism

How it works:

  • A 66-day, fully guided journal
  • Every day suggests a new tip or idea so you find what works for you
  • You'll get actionable tips and things like mini-gratitude challenges daily

You'll get daily prompts to induce gratitude, help you build an awesome relationship with yourself, and renew your perspective on what's most important. 

Each day you're given new learning tools, inspiration, and guidance for improving the quality of your gratitude practice. These include expert tips, actionable strategies, daily challenges, affirmations, links and descriptions to phenomenal videos, podcasts, recommended resources, and more.

This journal is a coach, accountability partner, and teacher all in one. It provides the perfect for making gratitude a daily practice and a core part of who you are.

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Price: $28.90