Morning Sidekick Journal


An engaging, fully guided morning planner to help you have the best mornings of your life. Build a new lasting habit in 66 days.


  • The Morning Sidekick Journal is a guided morning planner that helps you have the best mornings of your life
  • Every day suggests a new tip or idea to try
  • Built for night owls AND early birds
  • Takes 5 minutes a day

Each day, you’ll get guidance to:

  • Self-reflect with engaging questions
  • Plan your morning in 5 steps
  • Map out your biggest task of the day
  • Get held accountable & beat snoozing
  • Bonus: Has specific tips if you fall off the wagon

You’ll decide your wake up and sleep times, plan out your mornings the night before so you’re fully ready for the day, track the benefits you’re realizing, and reflect on your days. Each day you're given new learning tools, inspiration, and guidance for improving the quality of your mornings. These include expert tips, actionable strategies, daily challenges, affirmations, links and descriptions to phenomenal videos, podcasts, recommended resources, and more.

This journal is a life coach, accountability partner, and teacher all in one. It provides the perfect strategy for becoming an early riser and teaches you everything you need to know about the habit-building process.

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Price: $28.90