"Read with The Snail" Reading Challenge 2024

Join the 2024 #ReadwithTheSnail reading challenge! It's easy and fun to participate.

Click HERE to fill out a very quick Google form to let us know you plan to try it.
(This ensures you'll be in the end-of-year drawing if you complete the challenge.)

graphic of the 2024 Reading Challenge presenting themes for each month

The rules are simple: choose a book for each monthly theme; while you’re reading or when you’re finished, snap a picture and share on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #ReadwithTheSnail. We’d love to hear what you think about it, too — the goal is to share books, authors, and stories with all the other readers out there. We hope this encourages you to try something new and expand your reading horizons. That’s what reading with The Snail has always been about!

If you complete all 12 months of the challenge, you’ll be eligible to win a $150 gift card to The Snail!

Each monthly theme provides a lot of room for your own interpretation and reading preferences:

January: From your TBR (to-be-read) list
Book you’ll learn from (See our list of recommendations HERE)
March: Also on the screen (TV or movie) (See our list of recommendations HERE)
April: Collection of poems, short stories, essays, or more (See our list of recommendations HERE)
May: In the decade you were born (either published or set in that decade HERE)
June: Set in a place you’ve never visited (See our list of recommendations HERE)
July: Read a book you've already read, or listen to a book you may have read in print 
August: Set at school
September: A banned or challenged book
October: One-word title
November: Memoir
December: Feel-good read