The Snail's Favorite Fiction Bundle 2021



Trust us — The Snail's Favorite Fiction Book Bundle features three 2021 novels you absolutely must read. Each one is a little unexpected, will unforgettable characters, plots, and messages that will stay with you long after the last page. The bundle contains the three books below.

(The Snail is glad to customize bundles, so e-mail us HERE to request a swap or different recommendation.)

Small Things Like These (hardcover) 
This is a short, beautifully written, heartwarming story about a man in a small Irish community whose empathy nudges him toward caring for those who cannot care for themselves. When he makes an uncomfortable discovery at the local convent, just before Christmas, this father of five girls has to decide whether to act or look the other way.

When Ghosts Come Home (hardcover)
A gripping mystery as complex and layered as the characters who inhabit it. This detective mystery and family story explores race, justice, and grief, and the fault lines that rip apart families and communities. Plus, it has an ending you won't see coming.

The Memoirs of Stockholm Sven (hardcover)
The “captivating’’ and “powerful’’ story (Publishers Weekly) of one man who banishes himself to a solitary life in the Arctic Circle, and is saved by good friends, a loyal dog, and a surprise visit that changes everything.