Southern Stories Book Bundle



These three authors are adding their unique voices to the Southern literary landscape, and we think you'll enjoy and be changed and challenged by the very different stories they have to tell. The bundle contains the three books below.

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Even as We Breathe (hardcover)
19-year-old Cowney Sequoyah yearns to escape his hometown of Cherokee, North Carolina, in the heart of the Smoky Mountains. When a summer job at Asheville's luxurious Grove Park Inn and Resort brings him one step closer to escaping the hills that both cradle and suffocate him, he sees it as an opportunity. But when the daughter of one of the residents goes missing, Cowney finds himself accused of abduction and murder and he finds himself having to navigate difficult social, cultural, and ethnic divides. 

Wrapped in Rain (paperback)
On a sprawling Southern estate, Tucker and his younger brother, Mutt, were raised by their housekeeper, Miss Ella Rain, who loved the motherless boys like her own. Though Miss Ella has been gone for many years, Tucker can still hear her voice—and her prayers. But finding peace and starting anew will take a measure of grace that Tucker scarcely believes in.

Only Love Can Break Your Heart (paperback)
“Set against the backbeat of classic rock hits of the 1970s, [Nashville author] Ed Tarkington’s pitch-perfect first novel pays tribute to music, love and growing up in small-town America. . . . This novel may be a murder mystery wrapped in the cloak of Southern Gothic charm but, at its essence, it's a novel about love. Love for the music that informed Tarkington’s formative years and love for the familial and romantic relationships that can hurt as much as uplift us.” —Chicago Tribune