Stay at Home Book Bundle

Let The Snail pick some special selections just for you! 

The Stay-at-Home Book Bundle contains 3 books (1 hardcover and 2 paperbacks) from our inventory of favorite reads. Here's what we need to know from you:

  • What are your favorite genres (for example, nonfiction, historical fiction, romantic comedies, literary books, suspense thrillers, etc.)?
  • What are a couple of books you've recently enjoyed?

Add the bundle to your cart, answer those questions in the Comments section at checkout, and we'll choose three books you'll love. (We'll e-mail you our selections before we deliver/ship to make sure you haven't read them.)

If you have a Huntsville address, delivery to your doorstep is available every day. If you live in Madison, e-mail us HERE and we'll see if we can add you to our special Madison delivery day this week or next. If you live anywhere else, we ship for a small fee. 

Want some special selections for kids? E-mail us HERE!