Summer Reading Book Bundle

Just in time for summer trips and lazy days, here are three novels that go down easy—but will still make you think and feel in all the right ways. The Music Shop is a charming story of an old-school record store owner who develops a crush on a customer; you'll come to love the characters in this small English neighborhood while you see if Frank and Ilse can make it work. Close Enough to Touch has a reclusive heroine you'll root for, as she tries to overcome her very real allergy to human contact—and learns to live in the world again. Look past the beachy cover of Lost and Found Sisters because there's more than meets the eye in this novel about family secrets, romance, and an inheritance that threatens to overturn all these characters have ever known.

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The Music Shop (hardcover)

Close Enough to Touch (paperback)

Lost and Found Sisters (paperback)