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The Snail is pleased to introduce Summer Reading Bags filled with FUN books! Each bag includes 5 books, for $40. 

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Below is our Young Readers List,which is generally for readers age 6–10 who are learning to enjoy chapter books. But these selections can be mixed and matched with the Middle Grade List, depending on your child's reading level or interest. We will gladly make substitutions or offer other recommendations if you want! Just e-mail The Snail here.


Castle Hangnail


When Molly shows up on Castle Hangnail's doorstep to fill the vacancy for a wicked witch, the castle's minions are understandably dubious. After all, she is 12 years old, barely 5 feet tall, and quite polite. (The minions are used to tall, demanding evil sorceresses with razor-sharp cheekbones.) But the castle desperately needs a master or else the Board of Magic will decommission it, leaving all the minions without the home they love. So when Molly assures them she is quite wicked indeed (So wicked! REALLY wicked!) and begins completing the tasks required by the Board of Magic for approval, everyone feels hopeful. Unfortunately, it turns out that Molly has quite a few secrets, including the biggest one of all: that she isn't who she says she is.





The Lemonade War

Realistic fiction

Fourth-grader Evan Treski is people-smart. He’s good at talking with people, even grownups. His younger sister, Jessie, on the other hand, is math-smart, but not especially good with people. So when the siblings’ lemonade stand war begins, there really is no telling who will win—or even if their fight will ever end. Brimming with savvy marketing tips for making money at any business, definitions of business terms, charts, diagrams, and even math problems, this fresh, funny novel subtly explores how arguments can escalate beyond anyone’s intent.

There are 5 books in The Lemonade War series, so if you like this one, you can read more!






Mr. Popper's Penguins


Realistic fiction/animal novel

The Poppers unexpectedly come into possession of a penguin, then get a penguin from the zoo who mates with the first penguin to have 10 baby penguins. Before long, something must be done before they eat the Poppers out of house and home! A classic of American humor, this story of a gentle housepainter and his high-stepping penguins has delighted children for generations.







The Supernormal Sleuthing Service



Three kids. A hotel full of monsters. And a stolen magical artifact that could disrupt the balance between the humans and the supernatural. Welcome to life at Hotel Monster! Stephen’s dad decided to move them across the country to New York City, where his dad is taking over as head chef in an exclusive hotel—a hotel that has the most elite of clientele: monsters! Or as they prefer to be called, supernormals. And an even bigger surprise? Stephen is part supernormal himself. When a magical artifact goes missing and Stephen is framed, he must work with two new friends to navigate this whole new world to clear his name. Consequences can be dire in the world of monsters. 






Rabbit and Robot

Friendship novel

Rabbit is excited: his friend Robot is coming to spend the night! Rabbit has left nothing to chance and has drawn up a list of all the things they will do. First off is making pizza, but Robot only likes nuts and bolts and screws on top (good thing he has magnetic hands). Next on the list is watching TV, but the remote is missing, and Rabbit is panicking! Will Robot find a logical (and rather obvious) solution to the problem? Number three is . . . uh-oh! Why is Robot lying down instead of playing Go Fish? And what is that message reading "BAT" printing out from a slot on his front? An adventure about a rabbit who likes to be in control and an obliging robot who calmly keeps their friendship humming. 

There are 2 books in the Rabbit & Robot series, so if you like this one, you can read more!







Mercy Watson to the Rescue

Animal novel

To Mr. and Mrs. Watson, Mercy is not just a pig—she's a porcine wonder. And to the portly and good-natured Mercy, the Watsons are an excellent source of buttered toast, not to mention that buttery-toasty feeling she gets when she snuggles into bed with them. This is not, however, so good for the Watsons' bed. BOOM! CRACK! As the bed and its occupants slowly sink through the floor, Mercy escapes in a flash, "to alert the fire department," her owners assure themselves. But could Mercy possibly have another emergency in mind, like a sudden craving for their neighbors' sugar cookies?





Frank Einstein and the Antimatter Motor

Science fiction/graphic novel

Kid-genius and inventor Frank Einstein loves figuring out how the world works by creating household contraptions that are part science, part imagination, and definitely unusual. In the series opener, an uneventful experiment in his garage-lab, a lightning storm, and a flash of electricity bring Frank’s inventions—the robots Klink and Klank—to life! Not exactly the ideal lab partners, the wisecracking Klink and the overly expressive Klank nonetheless help Frank attempt to perfect his inventions. . . until Frank’s archnemesis, T. Edison, steals Klink and Klank for his evil doomsday plan!

There are 6 books in the Frank Einstein series, so if you like this one, you can read more!







Sadie and Ratz

Imaginative fiction

Sadie and Ratz are the names of Hannah’s hands. They aren’t animals, but they behave like wild beasts, says Dad. For one thing, they’re always after four-year-old Baby Boy (whom Sadie wishes were a dog). They jump onto his head and try to rub his ears off. Baby Boy knows how to turn the tables, though, and when he spills milk on the carpet, he tells Grandma that Sadie and Ratz pushed him. But when Baby Boy goes too far, Hannah may have to send Sadie and Ratz on vacation to prove their innocence. 






How Oliver Olson Changed the World

Realistic fiction/outer space

Oliver Olson's teacher is always saying that one person with a big idea can change the world. But how is Oliver supposed to change the world when his parents won't let him do anything on his own—not his class projects or even attending activities such as the space sleepover at school. Afraid he will become an outsider like ex-planet Pluto, Oliver decides to take control of his corner of the universe!






Graphic novel

Danny Dragonbreath can’t breathe fire, but he has no fear. And that comes in handy when a bad grade at school inspires him to enlist his cousin the sea-serpent’s help with a research project. Using a hybrid of comic-book panels and text, Ursula Vernon introduces an irresistible set of characters that will have readers laughing until smoke comes out of their noses!


There are 6 books in the Dragonbreath series, so if you like this one, you can read more!





Fortunately, the Milk

Time travel/fantasy fiction

"I bought the milk," said my father. "I walked out of the corner shop, and heard a noise like this: t h u m m t h u m m. I looked up and saw a huge silver disc hovering in the air above Marshall Road.""Hullo," I said to myself. "That's not something you see every day. And then something odd happened." When a father runs out to buy milk for his children’s breakfast cereal, the last thing he expects is to be abducted by aliens. He soon finds himself transported through time and space on an extraordinary adventure, where the fate of the universe depends on him and the milk. But will his children believe his wild story? Find out just how odd things get in this hilarious story of time travel and breakfast cereal.

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