Valentine Blind Date Book Exchange

The Snail on the Wall is hosting a Blind Date Book Exchange, as a way of spreading book love this February! You send a book, and you'll receive a book. We hope you'll join the fun.

The cost is the price of the book, plus a flat $7.99 shipping fee (which includes wrapping, love note, and shipping within the US).

How to participate:

  • Order a paperback book on this website that says "Usually available in 1-5 days" (please do not choose a "backordered" book)
  • Select a book — a hidden gem — that you adore, but that other readers may not have discovered. It can be fiction or nonfiction of any genre. (It does not have to be about love!)
  • At checkout: 
    • Choose "Blind Date Book Exchange" as your shipping method.
    • Enter your own shipping/delivery information, though we'll be sending your book to someone else.
    • In the Comments section, type your love note. Start with "I love this book because . . ." Try for about 3-5 sentences.
  • We will set up your book with another Book Exchange participant and ship it to them with your love note. Books will be sent anonymously, so your name and contact information will stay with The Snail. Only your message will be sent with the book. 

Deadline to participate is Saturday, February 4. You'll receive your Blind Date with a Book during the month of February.

NOTE: We can't guarantee that you will receive a book you haven't read. If you do, please pass it on to a friend.