VIRTUAL BOOK FAIRS, hosted by The Snail

We'd love to partner with your school or organization to host a Virtual Book Fair! The Snail on the Wall does most of the work, and your school gets all the benefits: you receive a portion of the proceeds from fair book sales, and you encourage kids to read and build a home library of their own. 

How does it work? 

  • We create a webpage for your school/organization, along with pages featuring a roundup of books by category. (See an example below: scroll down and click on categories to browse some of our book fair favorites.)
  • You share the online link with families (or anyone you'd like), and they place orders here on our website, with a special code for your school.
  • After the fair ends, we deliver orders to the school, organized by student name/grade, for you to distribute. Most books will be delivered to students within 2 weeks after the fair ends. 
  • A portion of the proceeds from all book sales will be given back to your school.
  • Teachers receive a 20% discount on book purchases during the fair.

Want to tailor the lists and pages to your school? Sure! We can add any books you'd like, based on availability.

Want to feature teacher favorites and recommendations? Sure! We can create pages just for those. 

This works well for community book drives, too, so we'd love to help you create a book drive that allows people to donate books to kids or to your organization. 

Would you like more information about hosting a Virtual Book Fair? E-mail The Snail HERE.





We can also offer the chance for shoppers to donate gift cards to a teacher, which can be used to buy books from The Snail. Click below to see this option.
(We can create gift cards in ay amounts.)